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Christmas Dramas

Trip to Heaven

Why the Cat Washes Himself So Often

To Them That Sit in Darkness

The Silver Star of Christmas

The Shoemaker’s Christmas

The Shepherd’s Children

The Radiant Light

Fiery Coals

Christmas for Carol

Comedic Sketches

A Couple of Right Smart Fellows

Buying Eggs

Casey At Bat

Helping the Poor Lady

Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia

O Blessed Night of Stage Fright

Speaking of Presents

The Mail Order Hat

The Sewing Circle

The Telegraph

To Bee or Not to Bee

Wanted a Housekeeper

Deutsche Spiele

Wir gehen zur Krippe

Weihnachten für Carol

Weihnacht Programm Spiel

Weihnacht Geschenkkörbe

Schwiegermama auf Besuch

Nun freut euch alle

Laute Nacht Heilige Nacht


Funf Kleine Kerzen


Engel, gibts die

Ein Märchen

Die Wollmütze

Die whare Weihnachtsfeier

Die Vier Kerzen

Der keine Pharisäer

Das Geschenk der Tiere

Extended Plays

A Christmas Carol

A Little King in the Family

A Rare Collection

Blood Brothers

In My Father’s House are Many Mansions

It’s a Wonderful Life

Pilgrim’s Progress

Best Pageant Ever

The Carpenter

What Men Live By


Legend of the Christmas Rose

Signs of Christmas

Sing the Songs of Christmas


A Certain Small Shepherd

Amahl and the Night Visitor

Children See Him

Christmas Comes to Bethlehem Again

Christmas Play

Come to the Manger

Nativity Sketch

On Such a Night

The Best Gift of All

The Bethlehem Road

The Drum

Reader’s Theatre

A Parable of Christmas

A Short, Simple Nativity

The Gift

The Three Hermits

Three Questions

Recitations and Choral Speaking

A Welcome That’s Different

Christian Lend Thy Light

Christmas Acrostic

Christmas Candles

Christmas Exchanges

Five Little Angels

I Must Go Back

What Christmas Means

You are the Innkeeper